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Hannibal Lodge meets at 7:30pm on the second Wednesday of each Month. Dress is black formal.
April 28, 2016

The History of Irish Freemasonry in Bermuda

The first recorded Irish Lodge in Bermuda was a Military Lodge #192, working during the stay of the 47th Regiment from 1783 to 1801. However this lodge, like others military lodges which subsequently came to Bermuda with the Regiment, was an ambulatory or a “traveling lodge”. They did help in instituting lodges and took part in all the festivals, Church and other Masonic activities during its nineteen year stay in Bermuda. It was chartered in 1748 and ceased working in 1823. There were two other Irish Lodges in Bermuda, #220 that was active from 1856 and surrendered its charter on August 5, 1861. The other Irish Lodge was #209 in 1881. Little is known of either Lodge except that they are believed to have been “traveling lodges” attached to…

The History of Irish Freemasonry in Bermuda
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